Gem Residences is one of home owners top choice

The property is placed within proximity to the largest nature reserve of Singapore and this placement which distances it from major roads brings about the tranquility and ambience that is present within the estate and its surroundings. The other nature parks within are the Timah Hill and Bukit Batok nearby. The convenient trail that has been formed at the dairy farm will be a joy to the joggers, with a 20km cycling trail for the bikers. The bike trail passes through the western adventure park of connector network together with the Bukit Timah Hill bike paths. For more info on Gem Residences can be read fromĀ

The potential of the Gem Residences price could be released further with the upcoming developments which are planned for. Hill view area is designated to be another property hotspot which will have the accompanied Hillview train station that will ease commuting further. These upcoming properties together with the railway should have a very positive effect on the residents of dairy farm estate. The Facility The facilities offered at the Gem Residences Condominium are grouped to offer diverse themes with the fitness courts, the swimming pools together with the trail used for jogging, the cabanas which feature outdoor dining options and the clubhouses that are fully equipped rooms. Within the facility a tennis court is availed for the tennis lovers.

There is ample parking with 420 parking spaces available together with the 1 to 1 handicapped parking spaces reserved. A unique feature that comes with this unit is the high ceilings of up to 3.25 m whereas the ground floors get to enjoy almost 4.65m. Unlike most properties where a client is charged extra for the ground floor units due to the double space volume that normally comes with most ground floor rooms. This feature gives the illusion of a lot more space and indeed if a client is creative enough the ground floor double volume can be converted into extra space with no further additional cost. The compressed marble floor is another great feature that endears the facility to any visitor even though found in the dining area and living room only. The kitchen view is availed which features ample space and fully equipped with appliances in the range of; fridges, oven and top to bottom cabinets. However since there is no designated area for the washing machine it can share the space in the kitchen which is more suited to be used as a storage and not ideal as a habitat due to lack of proper ventilation.