Inz Residences has a new co-space layout

Aside from the Smart Home System, Inz Residences has its very own application referred to as “HiLife”. This application allows the proprietors to publication and also helps with the usage as well as reservation of the feature area, bbq pits, tennis court and also various other centers all the time anytime. Unplanned reservations could be acquired with this application as well as comfortable.

The Smart Residence system in implemented to enhance with today’s rapid room living. Inning accordance with Eve Loo, Best Bargain Singapore Project professional,” Resident has the ability to manage the procedures of their residence devices with the control on their cell phone. The air-conditioners, the illumination, washering and even the coffee device in the house could be on from another location without literally in your home. The CCTV mounted could watch the site visitor from their clever residence and also trigger the door opening up from another.

Inz Residences layout is also one of the preferred one with the co-space concept introduced in this development.  Most want this layout as it is cost effective, without having to pay for 4 bedroom type.  The space is generous with a proper co-space room.  Many like this flexible space as it could be use as guest room, study room or even a proper bedroom.

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Why Buyers Prefer Kovan Condo Rather Than Others

The Stars of Kovan will comprise of 395 condominium-residential units and 45 commercial units. The residential units will be composed of 90 one bedroom units, 240 two bedroom units, 60 three bedroom units and only 5 Strata House planned units. The 1 bedroom unit boasts of 506 sq. ft. of available space, a well laid out and functional living room, spacious master-bedroom with separate wardrobes, a marble-floor master bath and breathtaking view on the communal terrace for residents on the 6th, 9th, 12th and 15th floor.

With a price starting from $710,000, this unit is ideal for the young urban professional. The 2 bedroom units have 743 sq. ft. and 764 sq. ft. of available space respectively depending on the one you choose. Coupled with a spacious living and dining room area, spacious and well-designed bedroom layout, serene panoramic views from the balcony and exquisite interior finishing; they are truly a gem. With a price of $1.05 million, they ensure comfort and a well-deserved investment for would-be buyers.
The 3 bedroom suites have an available space of 958 sq. ft., a spacious master bedroom, well-designed living-room and dining room layout, exquisite kitchen design with branded kitchen appliances including a fridge and washer cum dryer. The balcony offers a grand breathtaking view of the surrounding area giving you a sense of paradise right at the comfort of your own home. With a going price of only $1.37 million and only 60 units available, it’s an offer one cannot simply refuse. The Stars of Kovan also prides itself in having five Strata Houses.

Complete with an exclusive private car park on the 1st storey, spacious and well-designed living room and dining area, spacious master and junior bedroom on the 3rd storey, efficient fully fitted kitchen inclusive of branded kitchen appliances, a master bath and common bath with marble floor and vanity counter tops, the Strata House is simply a marvelous work of art. With 1830 sq. ft. of available space and only five units constructed it offers an almost royalty kind of living experience.

The Stars Of Kovan condo is situated in a superb strategic location with the liberty to dine and satisfy their cravings at popular restaurants located on the Upper Serangoon Road or the Kovan Market and Food Center.
Recreation is vital for all urban dwellers and the Stars of Kovan has taken this mantra at heart in the development of the condominium. Facilities available will include a swimming pool both for adults and kids, barbecue pavilion, indoor gym, Jacuzzi, children’s playground, viewing deck and so much more. Furthermore its prime location is minutes away from state of the art sports facilities such as the Kovan Sports Center, the Hougang Sports Hall, Swimming Complex and Stadium.  For more details,
For residents with families and young children, the Stars of Kovan offers exemplary facilities to ensure children grow in a safe and nurturing environment. A children’s playground and kid’s swimming pool will ensure the best memories and fun times for you and your children. What’s more, there are plenty of established schools right next door that prided themselves in the best curriculum such as Cedar Primary and Secondary School, Rosyth School, the Nanyang Junior College and two international schools ideal for expatriates like the Australian International School and Stamford American International School.

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Gem Residences is one of home owners top choice

The property is placed within proximity to the largest nature reserve of Singapore and this placement which distances it from major roads brings about the tranquility and ambience that is present within the estate and its surroundings. The other nature parks within are the Timah Hill and Bukit Batok nearby. The convenient trail that has been formed at the dairy farm will be a joy to the joggers, with a 20km cycling trail for the bikers. The bike trail passes through the western adventure park of connector network together with the Bukit Timah Hill bike paths. For more info on Gem Residences can be read from

The potential of the Gem Residences price could be released further with the upcoming developments which are planned for. Hill view area is designated to be another property hotspot which will have the accompanied Hillview train station that will ease commuting further. These upcoming properties together with the railway should have a very positive effect on the residents of dairy farm estate. The Facility The facilities offered at the Gem Residences Condominium are grouped to offer diverse themes with the fitness courts, the swimming pools together with the trail used for jogging, the cabanas which feature outdoor dining options and the clubhouses that are fully equipped rooms. Within the facility a tennis court is availed for the tennis lovers.

There is ample parking with 420 parking spaces available together with the 1 to 1 handicapped parking spaces reserved. A unique feature that comes with this unit is the high ceilings of up to 3.25 m whereas the ground floors get to enjoy almost 4.65m. Unlike most properties where a client is charged extra for the ground floor units due to the double space volume that normally comes with most ground floor rooms. This feature gives the illusion of a lot more space and indeed if a client is creative enough the ground floor double volume can be converted into extra space with no further additional cost. The compressed marble floor is another great feature that endears the facility to any visitor even though found in the dining area and living room only. The kitchen view is availed which features ample space and fully equipped with appliances in the range of; fridges, oven and top to bottom cabinets. However since there is no designated area for the washing machine it can share the space in the kitchen which is more suited to be used as a storage and not ideal as a habitat due to lack of proper ventilation.

Parents are choosing over Thomson Impressions for mainly education purpose

Thomson impressions condo is a great choice for parents with school-going children too, as the residence is home to a slew of highly esteemed schools. This includes Kuo Chuan Prebyterian, Ai Tong Primary, James Cook University, Raffles Institution and Catholic High School.
At Thomson impressions, your leisure facilities and recreation amenities have also been fully taken care of. The residence has got well-equipped modern gym where you can keep your physical fitness on the check. The residence has a magnificent swimming pool where you can spare a moment to relax and refresh your body with a swimming exercise. The facility has a barbecue area too, where you can give your family a memorable treat every once in a while.

Thomson impressions is that serene, dream home with amazing social amenities and facilities that you have always dreamt of. Where else can you get all these amazing facilities all summed up in one locale? Look no further, because, at Thomson impressions, you get it all wrapped up in one. lt provides you with an ambiance atmosphere that makes every day a bliss, and every scenery a beauty to withhold. Thomson impressions homes are fitted with great security features, taking care of all your security worries. Sufficient parking space is also available at the Thomson impressions Check details video below:

Nature’s beauty has been amplified at Thomson impressions, with well-manicured lawns and glamorous flowers that dot the compound. This provides an amazing opportunity for family bonding and sharing while at Thomson impressions residence. Go to the website to know more.

Here at Thomson impressions, you can behold the beauty of natural rivers flowing through the sprawling natural flowers and grass. A picnic with your family and friends can be great along the river banks in Thomson impressions vicinity. Choosing Thomson impressions residence is choosing a life of bliss and serenity.

Singapore Latest Condo Launch

For some people, living in a Singapore is a prideful thing. This city has everything that everyone dreams of. There has never been any shortage of amusement venues, high-class shopping districts, property investment with such a huge and fast return, excellent career opportunities, and, without doubt, luxury condominiums or apartments in every inch of the city. Regardless of the small size, Singapore has such a massive array of choices of lavishly designed apartment units, along with their luxurious amenities, top public facilities within walking distances. These days, there is a strong tendency for property owners in Singapore to choose apartments or condos which are located closely with MRT stations, shopping centers or malls, business districts, schools and eateries.

Most Singaporeans don’t have time in browsing around the best eateries or important places that they have to visit. They need to reach them in the fastest way as they can, because for them, time is priceless. This is the main reason, why Singaporeans, whether they are natives or expatriates, always opt for apartments or condos with the best location, like Parc Life and Its Major Interest Everyone, who happens to live in Singapore or merely visit this city for a day or two, knows for sure that Sembawang is the best location for permanent living. This is especially for expatriates, who need to reach important venues at the fastest time, conveniently. Yet, not all Singaporeans know that Sembawang used to be crowded when it was still flocked with villages and small houses.

Many developers decide to buy them and build new residential clusters and private condos to fulfil the needs of luxury living for most Singaporeans. This is the major concern of City Developments Limited. For five decades, this leading developer remains as the main name to trust among many property owners. It is proven with their great enthusiasm in choosing some condos or apartments from this developer, including Parc Life